Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Warrenton: October 4-10

Hi everyone! 

Biggest piece of news first: we picked up Sister Dearden's trainee named Sister Neus on Wednesday! She's from Arizona too.

We were walking down a street and saw a boat named SU FISH NT, with the fish symbol around the word FISH. It also had a reference for 2 Corinthians 12:9--Christ's grace is sufficient! We just had to go talk to the owners about their boat, and we found two awesome new investigators named Rhett and Jesse! They're both YSA--we've been finding tons of YSA individuals and there's no YSA ward here so we get to teach them!

On Sister Neus' first night, we were on a street about to go to our next plans but I felt the slightest impression to knock at a certain house before we left. We did and an amazing girl named Nicole opened the door! Funnily enough, she's YSA. She immediately invited us inside and asked if it was all right if she went to her garage to grab a book that she wanted to show us. I was kind of wary--did she want to bash? But the Spirit was there and we felt like it was okay to stay there and teach her. She came back without the book because she couldn't find it and told us some of her story. She used to be a hardcore drug addict but recovered largely because of her incredible faith in Christ! Her testimony of the Atonement is so strong! She's a fisher and has a lot of stories from that. She told us about many of the miracles she's experienced and asked us if we had any that we would like to share! She called them "God stories". We taught her about the Prophet Joseph Smith's First Vision and the Spirit was SO STRONG! And Nicole was so absorbed in it! After each sentence in Joseph Smith's account, she exclaimed "oh, wow!" or other phrases to that effect. Her reaction made me rethink how I feel about the Restoration! We asked her how she felt and she described it as feeling full of light and pure joy. She was sooo happy to receive a copy of the Book of Mormon! We taught her about baptism and the sacrament too and she told us she'd love to come to church! She was sick this Sunday, though. The Spirit throughout Nicole's entire lesson was the strongest I've ever felt so far in my life! She's like the ideal investigator that we role played in the MTC!

We taught a less-active couple about the temple and the Spirit was also super strong! Then we found a girl named Christina who told us she served several missions in Mexico helping build schools. We gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and she's excited to read it!

On Sunday Elder Blunck from the Quorum of the Seventy came and I learned tons from him! He shared a story about a General Authority doing a question and answer session and there was one individual who kept asking questions after he taught about something. The General Authority would answer, but eventually he told the individual: "When I read the scriptures, I look for answers. When you read the scriptures, are you looking for questions or are you looking for answers?" I thought that was powerful and it's definitely changed the way I approach my scripture study. 

Elder Neil L Andersen is visiting the Washington Vancouver Mission on Saturday! I'm so glad I have the opportunity to participate in that!

Also, I'm set apart for the Nevada Las Vegas Mission and I'm convinced that that comes with special blessings regarding climate. The Las Vegas summers never seemed too hot, but now that I'm on the Oregon coast in October, I'm freezing!

I love you all!
Sister Bedont 

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