Tuesday, December 20, 2016

White Cliffs & Boulder Springs: September 1-7

We were at our apartment office building several days ago so we could use the wifi and finish our iPad training. The manager named Joey came out of his office and started talking to us about the gospel! He's really nice. He is dating an LDS girl and wants to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! So we taught him the first lesson in the office building, with interruptions coming left and right from residents. It was awesome!

On Friday we went to the temple! We had a great time and Sister Snow, our mission president's wife, gave us each a family name to do for her. Later that evening the 10 year old girl that Bishop told us about was baptized! She would have been baptized when she was 8 years old if it weren't for some legal complexities. She's adopted and her adopted family has been working forever to get the paperwork taken care of so she could get baptized. It was a great experience for us because Sister Wilde and I had no idea what we are supposed to do for baptisms and we have Anna and Braeden's baptism coming up on Saturday!  We are so excited for their family.

On Saturday we had zone training conference at Lake Havasu. Later that evening, right after we finished planning, I decided I was going to be really productive and make a chart for the times that certain members are able to come out with us. There was a whiteboard tacked to the wall that I was going to use, but it was in an awkward place to write on so I tried to take it down. This whiteboard probably isn't like the one you're thinking of. It's a flexible sheet of metal with the whiteboard coating on one side. As I tried to take it down, it slipped and fell to the floor, hitting my leg on the way down. No big deal; I'll just pick it up, right? Not so. It cut my shin pretty bad! Blood was everywhere and I couldn't flex my ankle. We thought I might have sliced a tendon! There's nothing worse than getting injured or sick on your mission to the point where you can't go out and work. Luckily that wasn't the case! All we had to do was go to the ER to get stitches. I'm so grateful the board caught my leg on the way down instead of landing on my foot! If that was the case, I probably would have a severed tendon or two, which reminds me of someone I know in Washington :) We would have gone to urgent care, but of course these things happen at 10:00 pm on Saturday so the only place open is the emergency room. We got to spend quite a few hours there while I got 7 stitches. It was a great teaching experience for us! We're not allowed to proselyte in businesses like the store or hospital, but all of the staff we met wanted to know what missionaries do! We had a great time.

I love you guys! Have an amazing week!

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