Friday, December 23, 2016

Inspirada & Madeira Canyon: January 5-11

 Hi everyone!

I have no time so this is going to be another super short email:

-We had a great week! We saw tons of miracles.
-Steve seems to be progressing really well, but he didn't show up to the door when Brother H came to pick him up for church. We have no idea what happened.
-Stephanie is going to be baptized on 27 February. At the beginning of one of our lessons with her, she offered us coffee and tea so we had an impromptu Word of Wisdom/Plan of Salvation lesson. She's amazing! She's so willing to change her life where changes are needed so she can have the peace and happiness that she knows we have! She told us she is planning to move in with her boyfriend, so I hope we can address that quickly and that she'll want to stay with her dad or find another place to live.
-One new investigator, Alice, has an amazing gift of the Spirit! She is warned of things that will happen before they even happen. She was telling us what she thinks happens after death and it's exactly what we know to be true! We told her that and she's really excited! We were supposed to have a lesson with her yesterday but she had a migraine so we rescheduled for tonight. The Spirit was so strong during our phone call with her yesterday when she was telling us that she had a migraine and needed to cancel so I know she wasn't making it up!

I'm really sorry I can't write more! Have a great week!

Sister Bedont

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