Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Legacy & South Pointe: November 1-7

Hi everyone!

We've had an awesome, fast-paced week! Unfortunately I'm really short on time so this will be pretty condensed. 

On Monday we had a nearly mission-wide party and each zone sang their own newly created verses to Called to Serve and then we watched Shrek, which definitely wasn't the movie I was expecting!

One night we planned to bike up to a certain apartment complex but saw some cops with their lights on just outside the entrance and we pulled over in another apartment complex along the way. Neither complexes had anywhere for us to lock our bikes. The idea came to us to take our bikes back to the apartment and then walk back to the complex we planned to be in so we didn't have to worry about our bikes. We didn't have any better ideas (and of course the ideas aren't ours, but God's) so we took our bikes back and then on our way to the planned area remembered a new investigator who had an appointment coming up and we wondered if we should go see her. Instead we both felt like we should walk up a certain main road that was kind of towards her direction but didn't lead to her, so we did. We reached a neighborhood and felt prompted to go inside and then we met a guy named Carlos and his granddaughter, Mariah! We taught them about the Restoration and they went on their way and we felt like they were the reason we felt prompted to turn into that neighborhood, so we went back to the main road and then remembered a guy named Michael (not the one who came to church) that we had been trying to contact. We actually dropped him the night before because he had never been home the two or three times we stopped by previously. We went by and his door was wide open! We were finally able to teach him!

I don't know if I mentioned Eugene last week, but we street contacted him in October and then he called us on Thursday morning and wanted to meet! We met with him on the golf course that bordered the apartment complex and he expressed a ton of interest in being baptized again. Luckily we had a member planning to come out with us right after that, so we asked Eugene if he'd like to take a tour of the chapel and we took him right over to the church! He's planning to be baptized on December 3! Then on Saturday, Eugene came to a baptism and he came to all three hours of church on Sunday too! He's awesome!

Derrick and Michael also came to all three hours of church! They both loved it and are progressing so well! They both recognize the Spirit, which is incredible because both were at a point where they didn't believe in God!

I also went on an exchange with Sister Wilde! It was so awesome to be with her again! I learned so much from her, both from the exchange and during our transfer together! It blows my mind how little we knew over a year ago, but the work still progressed in our area!

I'm so sorry I have to cut this short--so much more happened, but I just don't have time!

Love you all!
Sister Bedont 

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