Tuesday, December 20, 2016

White Cliffs & Boulder Springs: August 11-17

We have some pretty crazy changes for next transfer--Sister Loveless is going to be an STL (sister training leader, or the equivalent of a zone leader) and I'm being double transferred into Las Vegas with a brand new missionary. Just kidding! I'm not being DT'd, but I am training a new missionary! I get to stay in Kingman for the next six weeks. President Snow is giving us opportunities to stretch and grow!

We finally got to meet with a less-active family that we had been trying to see ever since I came to Kingman. It was great! All they needed was an invitation to come back to church and they were happy to do it. They have a nine year old daughter named Delaney who hasn't been baptized yet, so we get to teach her all of the lessons.

We had dinner with a family in one of our wards and when we were talking with the father, he shared some stories about his mission and we asked him where he served and we discovered that he served in the same mission as my dad at the same time! He said he remembered an Elder Bedont from a Christmas activity they had.

There's a recently converted less active couple that missionaries have been working with FOREVER. They've been through some insanely difficult things but they have really strong testimonies when their pride isn't getting in the way. They used to really struggle with getting along with each other but recently they've been getting along well and they both came to church! It is such a huge accomplishment for both of them.

Carlos, another recent convert, is awesome. He's from New York and has a cool accent. Because of his job, he really struggles with coming to church. He keeps getting called in for 16 hour shifts because they're short on staff where he works so he uses Sunday morning to sleep, like any normal person would do. He's come to sacrament meeting right after a long shift and could barely stay awake. He has such a strong desire to come to church! He always tells us to bang on his window an hour before sacrament meeting begins so he will come.

Yet another recent convert, Mark, is a truck driver and we're trying to finish his new member lessons. Mark is best friends with Adrian, Anna, and Braeden. We have to watch for his truck in the parking lot to know when he's home so we can take a ward missionary over and teach him the new member lessons!

Sister Loveless and I have had some amazing companion studies dissecting verses from the Book of Mormon or sections in Preach My Gospel. I love how we can learn exactly what we need for our investigators by simply listening to the Spirit. The Book of Mormon can be as deep or as simple as you make it, but you can always find an answer to any question you have when you prayerfully study it.

I love you all! Have a great week :)

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