Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foothills YSA: March 8-14

Happy pi day!

As I was working on some emails, Sister Gier yelled out "IT'S PI DAY!" We completely forgot about it! Don't forget to have some pie today :)

This week has been absolutely insane- so much has happened! I finally got to go to the temple with Sister Sandoval and her companion, and I'm so glad I was able to go! The peace that is felt there is so real.

Dena is progressing very well! I'm so excited for her to be baptized :)

This week I learned the importance of communication--not everyone is on the same page as you are! I had to learn that it's okay if I repeat myself...it's far better than assuming everyone knows what's going on!

I can't believe this transfer is almost coming to an end--this upcoming week is the last one! It's been amazing to watch each of the missionaries grow and see how far they've come!

I love you all so much! Don't forget to look for miracles each day and be thankful for what you have!
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Bedont

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