Friday, December 23, 2016

Las Palmas & Warm Springs: October 6-12

Warm Springs is so great! The members here are so amazing! They have helped us out so much! Warm Springs is where Sister Loveless was trained and everyone LOVES her! She worked so hard here to get the work moving along, but then the missionaries after her didn't take care of the area. Despite all of the hard work that's been put into the area several months ago, we are back to ground zero in almost every aspect of missionary life, from the investigators to the cleanliness of the apartment! We had a lovely surprise when we unlocked the door of the apartment and walked in for the first time. I was strongly reminded of clips I've seen from the Hoarders tv show (or whatever it is. I kind of live under a giant spiritual rock right now).

Many people were really confused with the lack of missionaries in the area for a whole week. Returning missed calls was especially interesting because a lot of people almost hung up as soon as they heard our voices instead of Elders' voices because they thought the phone number must have changed.

Our Relief Society president was so kind and drove us around the borders of the ward! It helped a ton with visualizing the area and with saving our miles :)

Even though we had a slower start, I love Warm Springs so much! The wards are so amazing! There are a lot of Polynesian members in one of the wards and it reminds me so much of living on Oahu! I love Polynesian culture. My new companion, Sister Uata, is from Tonga! She's so great! She has been serving in the Nauvoo visitors' center for 5 months and now she's serving her "outbound" mission here for six months. Nauvoo is a really interesting mission. There are only 20 young sisters serving there and a ton of senior couples. I'm so glad I have this opportunity to learn more about Nauvoo and Church history! Sister Uata knows so much. She's already taught me a lot about some Old Testament stuff that I didn't know very well before. She also knows a sister from my high school! They both serve at Nauvoo! It's so crazy how small the world is. Speaking of which, I met another family who knew my dad and his family several years ago! It's just another thing that's reminding me that I am called to serve in this mission and this area at this time for many reasons!

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