Friday, December 23, 2016

Las Palmas & Warm Springs: October 13-19

We've had a great week! We were able to go to the temple again for the new missionary temple trip! If that was the only thing that happened this week, it would have been a great week. But there's more!

We finally started meeting some of our investigators! We are teaching two young girls names Mikayla and Cali. They are so fantastic! They are the sweetest girls I have ever met and they're so smart! Teaching them is such a privilege.

We're also kind of teaching an older lady from France named Renee. An amazing family in our ward hosts Family Home Evening and invites her and then we get to teach her! Last Monday they had something else going on, but we were able to meet Renee at a fireside called Why I Believe yesterday! She is so funny! Her history is really vague so we're all pretty confused about some things, so we just roll with everything she throws at us.

At Ward Council on Sunday a member of the bishopric told us that he has a friend who is ready to get baptized! Basically, another Isaac! What an amazing answer to our prayers. By the way, Isaac got baptized on Saturday! I wish I was able to be there, but we had lots to do in Warm Springs!

We also got to visit primary for the third hour in one ward for sharing time and we got to talk about missionary work! It was right after the Primary Program. I love how simple the gospel is! It's so amazing.

I finally found the devotional that inspired me to serve a mission. It's called Living with Purpose: the Importance of "Real Intent" and it is SO GREAT! It's a devotional given at BYUI and it can be found on Read it or listen to it! It's seriously the best thing ever.

I love you all! As always, have a wonderful week!

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