Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chapel Heights: August 23-29

Hi everyone!

This week was fantastic! It started out with a massive storm and quite a bit of flooding. We had just finished a lesson with someone named Laura whom we set with a baptismal date for October 8, which was awesome because our timing there was perfect for her! We were 45 minutes late because of some issues in the zone and when we got there, she wasn't home and we were talking with someone else for a little bit and then she pulled up in the driveway! We left and it was storming all around us, but not raining where we were. We drove to our next lesson and it started to pour! When I stepped out of the car, I stepped into a small river that hit mid calf. We were soaked within a few seconds, but the family let us in to talk for a little bit! Luckily we were safe while driving home. The road coming down from the mountain, called Lake Mead Boulevard, was seriously a river cascading into the valley.

We had interviews this week! We have an awesome zone. Interviews were divided into stakes and there are two in our zone. The trick is to time the trainings so they last the same amount of time as it does for President Snow to interview each missionary in the stake, and the timing was perfect for the Sunrise stake!

Brianna is progressing so well toward her baptism! We moved her date back to September 17 because her aunt needs time to get work off and so she can invite all of her family!

We met a cool lady named Kelly who lives right next door to one of our ward missionaries! Kelly told us that she's been wanting to come to church for a long time, but she's never come because she doesn't have anything to wear! She's always been interested in the church though, and we set her with a baptismal date of October 15!

We were in a small neighborhood that's really just one long street with a gate at one end for a lesson that fell through and as we walked away from the door, we saw a guy walking down the street away from us so we walked towards him and saw lots of other people suddenly outside on either side of the street. We were faced with the difficult decision: who do we talk to? Something inside prompted us to keep going for the guy walking away, so we talked with him! His name is Ernie. He told us of an experience he had that helped him know God lives and loves him! He was stopped at an intersection getting off of the freeway waiting for the light to turn green and when it did, he heard a voice tell him to stay there. He couldn't see anything coming, but he listened to the voice and sure enough, a car went right through the intersection and would have collided with the driver side of the car if he had gone when he normally would. The Spirit made the hairs on the back of my heck stand up the whole time he was relating that story! It was really cool! We don't have another lesson set up with him yet, but hopefully we will see him soon!

Right after a meeting we had with our bishop we saw Linda (Allan and Anthony's mom) sitting outside so we taught her right there! She told us that she loves coming to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
because there's a Spirit here that she hasn't felt in any of the other churches she's been to, and she's been to a lot. It's wonderful when we get to teach someone who already understands the role of the Spirit and knows that He will teach them what is true! We're working with her and teaching her line upon line and precept upon precept! She's going to be baptized on October 15!

The APs and MSTLs have been constantly reminding us to plan ahead for upcoming events like Christmas, so we got thinking about General Conference and one of our awesome members made cards for us to pass out to people about General Conference! What a blessing it is to have such great member support here!

Shirley is doing pretty well; we taught her about the Plan of Salvation but weren't able to teach her again because of a miscommunication in weeks where we thought we were coming over on Saturday and she thought it was next Saturday. So, we probably won't see her until September, which is crazy to think about! I can't believe how fast time flies by. School started this week in Las Vegas!

I think the best thing of the week was when we received a call from Dawn saying that she wanted us to come teach her friend!!! Her friend's name is Angel. Lonnie, Dawn, and Alison have all been talking with Angel about the Plan of Salvation and Lonnie gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon and a Plan of Salvation pamphlet! We gave them a lot of copies of the Book of Mormon and pamphlets to give away last week. Angel said that whenever she hears more about the Plan of Salvation or the Book of Mormon, she wants to learn more! Dawn and Alison came to the first lesson we had with her (not the Restoration, though) and then for the second lesson, Dawn was gone but we managed to snag Alison and take her with us! I worried that Alison might think it was boring, but she actually had a great time and told us it made her feel happy! In the lesson we asked Alison why she loved going to church and she told Angel she loves it because it helps her feel pure joy and safety! It was amazing to hear Alison, a nine year old girl, describe her testimony to Angel!

Catherine is doing well! Her house flooded because the roof was leaking and she wasn't able to come to church because of some family things happening, so her baptismal date needs to be moved back. She's so great at enduring to the end and taking what life throws at her in stride!

Craig is progressing well too! He's looking forward to his baptism on September 24 and is going to receive a priesthood blessing soon.

A police officer pulled us over as we were on our way to dinner and while we were waiting for the officer to come up to the car, we were trying to figure out what we'd done wrong. We can hardly speed with the TiWi car monitors! Apparently my companion rolled through a corner with a stop sign. We were praying so hard that the officer would let it slide, and he did! I'm so grateful we didn't get a ticket! Also, it was the most ironic thing ever because we had just finished teaching someone about obeying and honoring the law. Heavenly Father sure has a sense of humor!

We taught Adrian, the guy who told us last week at church that he's ready to learn more now! His interest was sparked when his wife, Nancy, was reading Moroni 8 and loved it so much that she shared it with him. He wants to have an eternal family! He sees the kingdom and is on his way there! He is going to be baptized on October 22!

I went on an exchange with Sister Ludlow to the Spanish area and we had a great time! We inspired knocked on a door and a 16 year old girl named Bethany answered and said she's never met missionaries before, but she knows a lot of Mormons at her school including one of the girls in our ward! We taught her briefly and after each of us said something, Bethany would say "I love it!" Oh my goodness! Bethany taught me the importance of inviting everyone we know to learn more about the gospel, because so many people notice a difference with Mormons but they don't ask about it--but they really are interested! You never know until you invite. We referred her to the English-speaking elders and they told us that she's planning to be baptized now!

I am cutting it really close to time, so sorry I have to stop here!

Hope you all have an incredible week!
Sister Bedont

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