Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foothills YSA: April 19-25

Hi everyone!

I am so happy for Collin! His testimony is growing so well and he's come a very long way since we first met him! I can tell he's going to be one of the strongest converts out there. This Sunday he went to three different sacrament meetings! Seriously, who does that? He always talks about how much he likes to hear others' testimonies and know that they don't claim to be perfect. I love seeing the Atonement in action in our investigators' lives! Satan has been trying so hard to convince Collin that he's not worthy of God's love. Thank goodness that's not the truth! The Atonement is for everyone! Collin keeps telling us that we always show up at the perfect time for lessons (sometimes he doesn't remember that we are planning to come over), but it's really helped him see that Heavenly Father knows him perfectly and will send help in time of need! Collin also isn't afraid to talk about his baptism - at institute, the teacher asked if anyone had any exciting news and Collin announced that he's going to be baptized on May 14! I love it when others use their agency for good!

Jordan is progressing really well! He broke his foot on Sunday so he couldn't come to church. Things like that make me think about how silly the adversary is. Nothing is going to stop the work from progressing!

This Friday, we get to have a combined mission conference with Elder Holland and then Jordan is going to be baptized that night and then we get to all go to another fireside (a broadcast) by Elder Holland with our investigators! We are SO excited! It's going to be the most spiritually uplifting and exhausting day of my life.

On Saturday the member who had us over for dinner asked us to come over half an hour early because she had a meeting to go to. We went over as early as possible and got out early too, which was all part of Heavenly Father's perfect timing because we immediately saw three people loading a bunch of stuff in their truck. We were able to help them out for an hour and met a ton of other awesome people too! One guy we introduced himself to was in a rush and told us we could come back the next day and gave us his address as he was walking to wherever he needed to go! Then Sister Gier and I spoke at a Youth Standards Night presentation with Sister Snow, our mission president's wife. We do a lot of things on the spot nowadays. It was awesome!

Have a wonderful week! I love you all!
Sister Bedont

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