Tuesday, December 27, 2016

September 10-26

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow I'm going to be serving my mission again! I found out that all of the symptoms I had weren't from hydrocephalus—I just had a migraine, and the symptoms were incredibly similar! Thanks for all your prayers! I know they've helped :) I've had a lot of time to ponder about the purpose of my life while I've been home. You'd think I would know the answer to that, with me being a missionary and all! I don't think I had the slightest idea why I had to come home from my mission until I was told that my call would be temporarily reassigned to the Washington Vancouver Mission, and then I could return to the Nevada Las Vegas Mission in about a month. While I'm in the Washington Vancouver Mission, I'll be serving in Warrenton. I suspect I need to learn something from the people there and the missionaries in Oregon and serve the people there! I learned some valuable lessons from being home about working with members and viewing things through others' perspectives that I know will help me on the rest of my mission. I am so excited to devote all my time and attention to serving the Lord again!

Have a great week!
Sister Bedont

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