Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foothills YSA: May 10-16

Hi everyone!

We had an amazing week! We hadn't been able to contact Collin all week and we heard from several members that he had gone back to old ways, but he came to church and realizes that the gospel is the only way to true joy! Something might come up later today that will cause us to have to postpone his baptism for a while, but everything will work out.

We have an awesome new investigator named Mike! He lives with some seriously anti-Mormon relatives but found a mormon.org card with a companionship's phone number and he called the number and the missionaries passed him off to us! We gave him a tour of the church building on Saturday as our first lesson and he came to church yesterday! Mike is awesome and he can see the light that members of the Church have and knows it's something he wants!

Ruby is still meeting with us but has some things that she needs to work through, so she's not going to be baptized on the 28th now.

Jordan is doing really well! He's going to receive his temple recommend this week and go on the ward temple trip on Friday and then he will receive the priesthood on Sunday! He's also going to start coming with us to lesson and I'm really excited for him!

Yesterday we were going to drop by Ruby's apartment and before we got out of our car, we felt really weird about it so we prayed and determined that we still needed to stay in the complex, but visit someone else. So we decided to visit a guy named Reuben, who was a referral from other missionaries who had talked with him before. We had just dropped Reuben a few days prior because no one ever answered the door. As we were walking to Reuben's apartment, we stopped at a corner in the parking lot to wait for a member who was going to come out with us. When he arrived, I explained Reuben's story to the member and we were about to pray before we went over to his apartment when Sister Loveless asked me if Reuben lived at the place where there were currently two guys sitting in the back porch area. That was his apartment! We went over and finally contacted Reuben and his friend named Dylan. I love Heavenly Father's timing! It's always amazing to see how He guides us exactly where He needs us to be.

I know that the gospel is true! The Restoration is true, the Book of Mormon is true, God calls prophets now...Everything is true!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Sister Bedont

Sister Loveless' dream car is a yellow jeep...so you can imagine her delight when we discovered that a family we had dinner with had the perfect car for her sitting in their driveway!

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