Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foothills YSA: May 17-23

So this week the coolest thing happened! On Friday Sister Loveless realized she had to get her prescription filled that day (we forgot on p-day) so we went to Walmart and we met a lady named Eva who came up to us and said, "Sisters! Can you help me figure out which ward I'm in? I moved here in September last year and haven't been able to contact anyone in the ward where I live now. I called the temple and they gave me the bishop's phone number, but whenever I call it just keeps ringing!" Note: I'm pretty sure the bishops' phone numbers listed online are for their office phones, which don't have voicemail. The only way you could contact the bishop with it is if he's in his office and is available to pick up the phone. We got her address and figured out which missionaries covered Eva's ward so she could contact them and find out when her ward starts and where they meet at. She then told us about how she was meeting with missionaries before she moved and was about to be baptized but wanted to settle in to her new home first, but now she's ready to be baptized! We couldn't believe our ears! Someone comes up to us in Walmart and says they're ready to be baptized? We thought she was a less-active member! It was incredible! When she told us she'd been looking for someone in church to talk to for a while, we told her how funny it was that we never come to the store on Friday but we had to fill a prescription. She then told us that she had everything ready to go at the checkout line, but then realized she forgot something in the back of the store and went back and got it and then met us! I am amazed at how well Heavenly Father orchestrates His work! He places us exactly where we need to be at the perfect time!

Mike is doing so well! He's excited to be baptized and he's reading a ton in the Book of Mormon and remembers it all! He is incredible!

Shawna is doing great too! Both of their baptisms are next week. We are so excited for them both!

Ruby told us on Wednesday that she is going on a vacation to Disneyland and Mexico, so she wouldn't be able to meet for a while. We asked her when she would be back and she said some time in September. We asked her when she was leaving and she said "tomorrow afternoon". That was certainly a surprise! 

Collin is doing really well! He's investigating for the completely right reasons now, and because of some things going on with him he probably won't be baptized for a few months. He's staying positive despite his trials and he makes us so happy!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Sister Bedont

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