Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Warrenton: October 11-17

Hi everyone!

We've had a TON of meetings this week--we haven't had a full day of proselyting for at least two weeks! We had new missionary training, interviews, zone training council (except here they call it zone meeting), weekly planning, church, and preparation days. Also, because of all the storms, our zone was on lockdown on Saturday and Elder Anderson's visit was cancelled. It was such a bummer! But, I had always looked forward to having an entire day to study the scriptures. Doing that is actually really hard! I think we went slightly crazy from being stuck in the same room all day, but we're better now :)

Gabe is doing so well! He told us he wished he set his baptism earlier, and we don't blame him! It's planned for December because we want to make sure his dad (named Derek) will be ready to preform the baptism and he's right on track so far! Derek is sharing the gospel with his friends--and one of them at work wanted to learn more, so we went over and taught her! Tier 3 missionary work is awesome! Her name is Lynna and it's pronounced "line-ah". As in "line upon line, precept upon precept..." :) Lynna is amazing! When she opened the door she told us she wasn't expecting us to show up for another week or so! She moved her with her husband and young daughter a few weeks ago and doesn't have much of a religious background, but she's soaking up everything we teach--especially the Book of Mormon! She summarized 3 Nephi 11 for us on our second visit and said it was about baptism...and she thinks it would be a good idea to be baptized! We don't have a set date for her yet--she wants to pray about it first and we'll probably arrange something with Derek and his family, but it should be coming up soon!

One night we had an appointment with a less-active member and before we went up to her apartment, we felt impressed to knock on a certain door in a separate duplex. Immediately a guy named Larry answered and told us that he had just gone through a divorce and was looking for a new church! He was so grateful to receive a copy of the Book of Mormon, knowing that it will help him find joy!

Right after we taught the less-active member we had 20 minutes before curfew, so we went to our next plans just down the street, parked, prayed, and then got out of the car. We walked around the bushes that we parked by and found 3 teenagers piling into a car about to leave and taught them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The timing was incredible!

Each week we volunteer at a food pantry and this week there was an engaged couple who started asking tons of questions about what missionary life is like! It was awesome :) 

We had another lesson with a recent convert couple whom we are preparing to go to the temple and they invited friends over for the lesson! We had no idea about it, but apparently they do it all the time. It was fun to balance the lesson between teaching them and teaching their friends!

I'm going back to Las Vegas on Thursday and I can't wait! It is the best mission in the world :) I have learned so much from serving in Warrenton! When I get back to the Nevada Las Vegas Mission, I'll be serving in the Legacy and South Point wards in the Green Valley stake and my companion will be Sister Cheyne from Australia. I think that means I will have served in every single stake in Henderson! When I was in the Eldorado/Lake Mead zone, we always joked about the possibility of creating a Nevada Henderson Mission--hopefully it happens! 

I hope you all have a fantastic week!
Sister Bedont 

Picture: one day I was staring at a map of our area during our lunch break--see if you can spot the missionaries!

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