Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foothills YSA: February 16-22

Hi everyone!

We've had another crazy, fast-paced week, so I'll only get to cover a portion of the highlights! Sorry!

We were trying to contact a referral who lived in a pretty sketchy part of town, and on our way from the car to the apartment we saw a family getting out of their car so we went up to them and were about to talk with them when the parents started cussing out their kids. It was awful. We walked away pretty quickly, contacted the referral, and then on the way back, we saw a bunch of kids playing outside. One of the girls asked me what I was because she saw my name tag. We told her we are missionaries, which led to a long conversation and a big inner battle because I'm not sure how much we're allowed to teach kids without their parents knowing. Anyway, the kids saw my iPad case and were all over it, so I unlocked the iPad and let them pick an app they wanted to see. One of them tapped on an LDS pamphlet app that has a picture of Jesus holding a lamb, and it opened up to a slide in one of the pamphlets that has the "Because of Him" video. This video has no voiced narration, but as we watched it, a little boy read the words that appeared on the screen so all the kids could understand the message that the video shared. While we were watching the video, I noticed that many more kids flocked to us to watch the video. It was amazing! For two whole minutes, I got to see over 10 kids (many of whom have horrible upbringings) intently watch a video about the Savior. They loved it and asked many great questions about Christ and the video! We told them that they needed their parents' permission first and we offered them all mormon.org cards with our phone number written on the back. They recognized that we have something special! I was strongly reminded of 3 Nephi 17 in the Book of Mormon where the Savior is ministering to the children. They are so pure! I really hope and pray that their parents' hearts will be softened so the missionaries can teach them and help them come into Christ.

Dena is doing great! Everyone in the ward tells us that she's progressing much faster now. She never kept commitments before, but now when we teach her she writes down what she learns in her notebook! She's awesome. She's going to be baptized on March 19!

Tracy's baptism got moved to March 5 because of building scheduling conflicts. I'm so glad that she's that excited to follow Christ's example!

Last night was really weird for us. At the end of the day we stopped by a chapel on the way home to sync our Area Book app (thank goodness for technology!). We never stopped by there before, and we've never synced at night even though we'd been meaning to. Our Ward Mission Leader pulled up and came over and talked with us--he never goes to that chapel either, but he was in the area and wanted to park and walk around the parking lot and make phone calls. He asked if we needed anything, we said no, and then we all decided it was really weird that we ended up there and we knew it was for a reason. We couldn't figure out what it was and we prayed. We still had no definite idea of what was going on. He said he was going to stop by his old house just down the street. As we were driving home, we felt impressed to check on the sisters, so we stopped by one companionship's casita.

Their place was completely dark, which was odd because it was 9:20 and they should have been planning. We rang and eventually one of the sisters came out and invited us in. She said they finished planning early and the other sister went to bed. Everything was fine for them. We said another prayer and then went over to another companionship's apartment. We called the other sisters along the way. They were all fine. We soon realized that this was happening not because there was anything wrong with the sisters, but because God did not want us going back to our casita that night. We spent the night at the sisters' apartment and then went back to our place in the morning and we found nothing unusual. I know that Heavenly Father will always keep us protected! I can't wait to figure out what happened that night, or what would have happened.

On Saturday we volunteered at the Saints and Sinners half marathon in Boulder City! It was pretty fun and we had a great time together as a district.

Last week we went to the Hoover Dam for P-day and here are some of the pictures:

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