Wednesday, December 21, 2016

White Cliffs & Boulder Springs: September 29 - October 5

We had an interesting week! I'm still in Kingman. We were planning to drive to Las Vegas on Wednesday and I had everything packed and in the car when we received a phone call from one of the Mission Sister Training Leaders (the sister missionary equivalent of an Assistant to the President) saying that we didn't need to worry about traveling to Las Vegas! We were pretty confused. Weren't we supposed to both start training new missionaries? What's going to happen with Warm Springs (my new area)? It turns out that President Snow decided that Sister Wilde and I will be getting missionaries who are coming in from the Nauvoo temple square mission and they don't arrive until the 8th. From what I understand, missionaries in each Temple Square mission go to another mission for two transfers when they're halfway through serving their missions so they can experience "normal" missionary life instead of a rigid schedule giving tours each day. The Nauvoo Temple Square mission's transfer schedule is a week behind ours. We will be heading up to pick up the new missionaries this Wednesday instead! We had a fun time explaining to everyone why I was still here. Somehow we ended up seeing every person I had already said goodbye to this week. I think I've said my "final" farewell to Adrian, Anna, and Braeden five times now!

We've had a ton of miracles happen this week! One day none of our plans were working out the way we thought they would, but we met several less-active members who had pretty much fallen off the face of the earth and others who had recently moved to Kingman and just didn't know which ward they were in, so they haven't been going to church. We met someone called Q in one of the strangest places downtown I have ever seen. It was such a miracle for us to meet with him! He had been unreachable for months and everyone in the ward was really worried about him. We have also had several times when we just felt like we needed to go knock on someone's door and when they open it up, they tell us how they were hoping the missionaries would stop by because they needed a lot of help!

Isaac is doing great! He has 12 days until he gets baptized! He went to the temple with the rest of the youth in the ward and he had a wonderful time! His grandparents are always at lessons with him and they're showing a lot of interest, so hopefully we'll get to begin focusing on them soon!

We met a lot of great people who have been prepared to meet the missionaries! I'm really excited to see how things turn out for each of them in the next few months as we visit them.

We made a prayer rock for Braeden! We've been meaning to do it a while ago, but we were never able to find the perfect rock. The one that we gave him is more of a prayer boulder than it is a rock! We will do just about anything to make sure he keeps up the good habits he's been forming!

I don't know if I've written anything about Dyan yet--she's a recent convert and has been going through a LOT. We showed her the He Lives video and I am amazed at how the video can touch so many different people! The Spirit truly speaks to each of us individually, which is why General Conference is so great! When you watch it, you're basically getting a personalized message from Heavenly Father telling you what you need to hear most. I hope you all have found a verse to ponderize this week!

Sister Bedont

My second transfer is over! I'll be transferred to Warm Springs and training another basically, just like last time but with the DT included! :) I'm going to be replacing a couple of elders. Sister Wilde also gets to train a new missionary!

On Saturday we had a float in a parade and handed out flyers for a Why I Believe fireside that the stake is doing in a couple of weeks. It was super fun! There were a couple of members that were on the float with us that my dad taught on his mission. It's crazy how small the world is! Before the parade began, someone decided to finish spray painting Angel Moroni on the float and didn't check to see what was behind their target. That something happened to be me, Sister Wilde, and a clean white truck. Now Sister Wilde and I have gold flecks on our shirts. tags, and phone and the truck got an unexpected paint job.

We learned about Elder Scott passing away from one of our investigators. She told us she always posts LDS-related stuff on Facebook and watches BYUtv all the time. Somehow these are the hardest people to teach because they can be so stubborn! Anyway, she just mentioned it in passing and then noticed the look on our faces. We don't get to hear these things unless people tell us! We pretty much live under an enormous spiritual rock. We are so excited for General Conference this weekend! I highly encourage everyone to watch it! Just in case you didn't know, we'll be getting three new apostles so it will be a really cool one to watch!

I guess I didn't really explain Brian's background last week. He's so cool! He really wants to learn more about the Book of Mormon and he absolutely loves nature! He's had a ton of experiences that have made him realize that he's here for a reason and he's very thankful to be alive! That being said, Brian talked with his family about being baptized and they told him they would disown him if he followed through with it. So we went to go visit him and see how things were going and he's still progressing along really well! He knows the Book of Mormon is true, that Joseph Smith restored the fullness of the gospel, that the gospel is true...everything we teach is true! He just needs to take that last step of faith and know that everything will work out when he gets baptized.

We drove around for two hours trying to find an address of a referral in Yucca we were asked to visit and Google Maps is not at all accurate with the roads there. There is NOTHING there!

I realized that I've only written about around 40% of the investigators we have. I'll try to do better with keeping everyone updated next transfer with a fresh start!

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