Saturday, December 24, 2016

Foothillls YSA: February 9-15

Hello all!

We have had an absolutely amazing week! I love my new area so much! The zone that I serve in is wonderful.

In order to help us accomplish our purpose as missionaries, the Church leadership has established something called "Key Indicators for Conversion" that help us know what to focus on to help others be baptized and confirmed, always be active in the Church, and to be converted to the gospel. These indicators include lessons that we teach each week to investigators, the new investigators we find each week, investigators who have a set baptismal date that they are working toward, and investigators who attend church. All of these things lead to baptism and lasting conversion. Our mission has set standards of excellence for each key indicator that we expect to achieve each week as a companionship, district, zone, and mission.

So our zone, the Eldorado/Lake Mead zone, hasn't been hitting standards for a long, long time. But this week we did! It was a HUGE jump from the past weeks and months and I'm so happy for them because I know these missionaries are accomplishing their purpose and inviting others to come unto Christ! That's what leads to happy missionaries and happy people. :)

On Thursday we had an awesome experience! We were going to institute because we had a couple of investigators coming and right before it started, I realized I left my water bottle in the car. We went back to get it and we saw this older guy walking on the building's sidewalk so we went over and talked with him. He told us he was looking for a church and lived on the same street as the church building, so why not try it out? He's investigated just about every religion there is and somehow never heard about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before. We invited him to come inside so we could give him a tour of the building and he came in! He told us his brother just died a few weeks ago and he felt like something was missing his life. He then told us about how everything happens for a reason and practically taught us the principles of the gospel! He talked a TON and apparently he's some trillionaire inventor and he LOVES physics. Everything he said about religion was doctrinally sound! It's so nice to meet people who love science and can see that God is the center of it all. We passed this guy off to the missionaries who actually cover this ward, but I'm sure we'll be seeing him often! His ward meets right before ours on Sunday.

We met a really cool guy named Dario who was absolutely intrigued by the Book of Mormon. It was awesome! He's been through a lot and he is really searching for the truth now-literally hungering and thirsting for spiritual nourishment.

We had a surprise investigator come to church! Her name is Dena. She's been investigating for two years, yet there's no record of her being taught so we had no idea she existed. She reads the Book of Mormon every day and wants to be baptized, but wants to make sure she is truly converted to the gospel before she takes that step.

Another investigator we've been teaching, Jonathan, is progressing fairly well and wants to serve a mission! The only thing is, he thinks he has to read the entire Book of Mormon and know everything about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints before he's baptized, but we're working with him on that!

We have another investigator named DJ who's going to be baptized on April 9. He's pretty cool! We've only met him once but set him with that date on the spot.

I found out today that Tracy moved her baptism up to February 24 because she feels ready and is excited to be baptized! I can't wait for her! :)

I love you all! Have an amazing week!

Sister Bedont

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