Tuesday, December 20, 2016

MTC: June 27 - July 4

Hello all!

It's been a crazy week! I'm leaving on Wednesday! Time flies.

We have been teaching REAL investigators and it has been such a great experience! I absolutely love them. They have taught us so much! Sister Faucette and I can really feel Heavenly Father's love for them. We really learned how to rely on the Spirit during our lessons! The biggest thing we need to work on is the time we take. One of our investigators, Barbara, has so many fun stories to share and we only have 20 minutes with her! I miss her already.

We also had our last day of teaching our TRC investigators this week. It was sad to know that I probably won't be seeing them again, but I know we've planted a seed that will continue to grow as they care for it.

It was a little harder to teach our second investigator at first, but once Sister Faucette and I prayed our hearts out for her, we found some fantastic scriptures that we shared with her :)

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to learn from the returned missionaries who teach at the MTC. Hearing them teach is absolutely amazing. They know their purpose and the gospel so well. I have a long way to go before I can teach as well as they can!

Our teachers act as their investigators for us to teach and one of them portrayed a less-active member named Rimas. Rimas was working hard to pay for his house, which was about to be taken away from him. As we prepared the lesson, we felt like we should focus on the importance of tithing and keeping the Sabbath day holy. At the very end of the lesson, I felt prompted to ask Rimas if he had used fast offerings from other members and the bishop's storehouse to help. It was really humbling to see Rimas' response.

Another teacher acted as an investigator named Debbie. We set a baptism date with her! She loves her kids so much. In our third lesson with her, I could tell that the Spirit influenced everything Sister Faucette and I said! Everything I thought I needed to say was voiced either by myself or by Sister Faucette. It was so cool! Sister Faucette told me as we were walking back from the lesson that everything I said was something she felt prompted o say too.

We prepared another lesson for someone one of our teachers taught while serving their mission. He is a less-active member and we felt that we should center our lesson around the importance of tithing. When we had our lesson plan ready to go, we read the Tithing & Fast Offerings pamphlet and we nailed it!

We had the wonderful opportunity to watch Elder Bednar's MTC devotional titled Character of Christ on Sunday. It was absolutely phenomenal. It was all about remembering to be more Christlike and everyone learned that there was something they needed to work on! It was a very humbling experience. Elder Bednar seems to love missionary work! The majority of the videos we have watched were given by him. I strongly encourage everyone to watch his talks and devotionals, if possible.

This is kind of random, but I'm amazed that my back is doing so well. Usually I'd need to go to the chiropractor really often but since I've been in the MTC, it has hardly bothered me! I love being able to see God's hand more in my life since I've learned how to look for it more!

One of the elders in our district decided he was going to keep a Taco Bell burrito as a souvenir. The MTC catered a lot during our first week and one day we had Taco Bell for lunch. He had worked at Taco Bell in high school and loved it more than anything else. I don't think I have ever seen someone so devoted to making burritos. This elder kept that burrito in his bag for DAYS until it was rock hard and we were all trying to get him to throw it away. The running joke was that it was his police baton. He kept trying to convince us that he was keeping it for a snack on a rainy day. He didn't get rid of it until our teacher noticed it and realized he had been keeping it for almost a week.

We've had so much fun at the MTC! I'm going to miss it a lot. It has been such an uplifting place and I've never felt the Spirit so strongly and learned so much as I have here. 

Happy Independence Day! I love you all :)

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