Friday, December 23, 2016

Inspirada & Madeira Canyon: December 29 - January 4

Hi everyone!

We have an AWESOME new investigator named Steve! Oh my goodness, he is so great. This all started out before Christmas: we were on exchanges and we felt inspired to knock on a door, so we did and we met a mom named Stephanie and her 7 year old daughter named Mylah. She invited us in and we shared the Christmas video called "A Savior Is Born"with her and then taught her the Restoration. She was really receptive and she told us she was looking for more direction in her life. Fast forward to our next appointment - it was on Christmas Eve and we knocked on her door and her dad, Steve, answered. Steve is probably in his 60s and he teaches business to his students at a casino. He's also a professional ballroom dancer. As we talked with Steve, he told us he had a lot of questions about things relating to the Plan of Salvation  and he said he knows there's more out there, but he doesn't know how to find it. So we set a time to go back and as we were walking away, we saw Stephanie pull up to the house in her car. She told us she would be at the next lesson!

We went back and taught all three of them - Steve, Stephanie, and Mylah. We had a few more lessons with Steve and the Spirit was so strong! We pointed it out to him and he wants to always feel it! He even came to a stake baptism with Mylah this Saturday! They loved it! We are so excited for them! Steve and Mylah came to church and it was perfect! Steve really loved it!

The whole time we have met with Steve we've had an awesome member named Brother H out with us.  He's around Steve's age and he was less-active until about 4 years ago. Now he works in the temple! He has a lot of stories to tell and is the perfect fellowship for Steve. Brother H bore his testimony at church yesterday and talked about how we asked him to come teach with us just when he was starting to feel down on himself. It's been about a year since the missionaries have asked Brother H to go out with them. It's been a great experience for both Steve and Brother H!

Steve should be getting baptized on 6 February! We haven't solidified anything yet, but we are definitely expecting him to progress well! We are so happy for him! We can see a huge difference in him already. He is so much happier and you can really see the light in his eyes!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Bedont

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