Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foothills YSA: May 24-30

Hi everyone!

This whole month we've been focusing on finding new investigators--we set a goal to find 308 out of 11 companionships! Since this last week was the end of the reported month, we pushed really hard and saw a ton
of miracles from it! On Sunday night at 9:15 after we had finished a lesson we were taking a member named Genevieve home and I totaled up our key indicators...and found out that we hadn't reached our goal for
street contacts! We were short by two. So, on our way to Genevieve's house, we pulled over when we saw someone walking on the sidewalk and I jumped out of the car to talk with him super quick because we were
cutting it close with curfew at 9:30. He was interested and I gave him our number and we ran (sorry, drove) off to find the next one! Right after I got back into the car we decided we were going to teach someone on Genevieve's street. We got there, found a super cool guy sitting in his garage, taught him, and set another time for the missionaries in the home ward to stop by...and still made it home before curfew! It was pretty crazy, but totally fun and totally worth it!

We contacted an awesome guy named Ervin who was referred to us by some unknown missionaries who met him walking down the street. He's awesome! He wants to be baptized and we're going to finalize that next time we meet with him.

We met two cool people named Mikey and Jay last Monday right before curfew--some elders texted us and asked us to come to the church immediately so we could meet some people there that they brought for us to teach. Mikey and Jay were looking for some other people who would be interested in starting a rock band with them. We taught them a bit, went back on Thursday for another lesson, and then taught them again on Sunday night (right before the last two crazy street contacts we had). It's really cool! They're both agnostic and slow to trust anything they don't know to be true yet. Mikey is more skeptical than Jay is. But we can see them change as they are touched by the Spirit in the lessons! When we taught them on Thursday we invited Jay to say the closing prayer and he almost did, but backed out at the last second and asked Mikey to do it. To my great surprise, he said it! Then Jay said the prayer in our lesson on Sunday. I'm really impressed with how much progress they've made in the short time that we have met with them!

Mike came to a baptism this week and he's progressing so well! As always, some huge trials are coming up the week before his baptism. He's basically wondering why bad things happen to good people: namely,
himself which is totally understandable considering all that he's going through. Keep him in your prayers! 

I love you all! Have an amazing week!
Love, Sister Bedont

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