Tuesday, December 20, 2016

White Cliffs & Boulder Springs: August 4-10

We finally got iPads this week! Hallelujah. They're so nice to use as a teaching tool! The only catch is we have to download each individual item on the Gospel Library app separately using wifi at the stake center. It takes HOURS, but it's worth it!

We've been teaching the lady with cancer (Mary) and she is doing great! She has had a ton of time to think about what she believes and she essentially came up with the gospel! Then she read the Book of Mormon on her own and asked her friend to have us teach her.

On Saturday we drove over to Dolan Springs and helped harvest a TON of apples. It was so fun! They gave us a lifetime supply of figs and grapes. On the way over to the orchard, there was this really sketchy dirt road that would have been perfect for ATVs and the like, but our little car wouldn't have survived at all, so we had to ride with the elders in their truck. Now everyone is planning to change their majors to agriculture :)

I highly encourage you all to read "Our Search for Happiness" by M Russell Ballard. It gives a basic foundation of what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe and it is wonderful!

Have a great week!

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