Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Foothills YSA: June 7-13

Hello all!

I'm going to be transferred to the Central/Sunrise zone and my new companion will be Sister Campbell--one of the sisters in the zone during my first transfer of serving as a Sister Training Leader! I'm really going to miss this ward. It's by far been my favorite, probably in large part because I've finally sort of figured out what I'm doing as a missionary! Plus all of the members in the Foothills YSA ward are outstanding! But I know that the Lord needs me to go somewhere else now, so off I will go tomorrow morning!

This week has been fantastic! So many good things happened!

On Monday last week, the day after Mike was confirmed, his phone got disconnected and he didn't show up to FHE. We had no contact with him at all until Thursday, when he showed up to institute! Until that point, we were freaking out because we couldn't stop by his house (that would make his life even worse) and no one was having any luck with contacting him on Facebook. But when he walked into class, his countenance was so bright! He literally shines. He is living the gospel to the fullest!

Mike received the priesthood on Sunday and has a calling now! He's saving up for a mission! He had to move in the middle of the night before church because of a tense living situation which still hasn't improved, but he's amazing! He hasn't complained at all. Like, at all. I can't even imagine the situation he's in, but he's staying so

Mike & Jay also came to institute! We saw their car in the parking lot and were shocked because we didn't really expect them to come! (Shame on us!) But they loved it! They were a little freaked out about everyone singing a hymn together at the beginning, but it went really well! It was awesome because the things that were said in that class applied perfectly to them and received our lessons so far and even brought in some points that they had questions about!

Jay also came to church on Sunday and Mike had to work. AND Jay stayed for all three hours on his first Sunday! He went up to the bishop and told him he's planning to come again! The change in those two is incredible. They used to be agnostic, leaning towards atheist, but now they love to pray!

We were teaching Mike and Jay last night and their friend named Andrew came over early for their band practice and we got to teach him too! The best way to do missionary work is through the members, but another great way is through the investigators themselves!

Ervin also came to institute and church, and he stayed the whole time too! He makes me so happy because he is so clean from the things of the world and he always tells us how happy he feels when he reads the scriptures or comes to church and activities!

We're also teaching a girl named Missy! We went over for an appointment and she told us she was going to have to cancel because she needed to clean her house before her mom got back from the airport with her grandma, so we went in and helped her clean and hang pictures. Her mom came back and at first didn't seem to happy that her
daughter was talking with the Mormons, but then she told us that she wants Missy to come to church and the activities so she can meet new friends who will keep her out of trouble! Missy was pretty embarrassed, but it all works out! She's praying about being baptized in August :)

I'm going to miss this area and the people so much! It still hasn't hit me yet, even though I finished packing a few hours ago and bore my testimony in sacrament meeting yesterday!

I hope you have a great week!
Love, Sister Bedont

Our zone right after we got our transfer doctrine and found out who's
going where! We find out on Saturday morning.
A surprise birthday party for one of the sisters in our zone! We snuck
in when they were at the temple to decorate. And no, we don't get to
go to the temple on our birthdays! It was just both of their turns to

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