Saturday, December 24, 2016

Foothills YSA: February 2-8

Hi everyone!

I am SO EXCITED to be serving in my new area! This zone is amazing and my new companion, Sister Gier, is AWESOME! There is much work to be done here and "the harvest is great and the laborers are few"! This is going to be a very interesting transfer for me because the area is so blessed and Sister Gier is so amazing - there won't be any problems there! So Satan will probably try REALLY hard on us as individuals, and we've already seen some of it.

First we'll start out with some of the miracles - there are too many to write about all of them! Sorry. Tuesday was transfer day and it was pretty crazy. We came into the area and discovered the house wasn't cleaned and nothing was in the area book. I think one of my main purposes of serving in this mission is to clean up old areas and start the harvest in the scorched earth by being DT'd - this is the third time! I love double transfers! Because no records were left, on our first day we decided to drive around and stop at random apartment complexes to see who we could talk with and what miracles we would see. We met many amazing people who became new investigators! My favorite is Isaac. We drove up to a gated complex and we knew there was someone who lived there that we needed to meet. So we said a prayer that someone would drive up and open the gates and the gates opened in the middle of the prayer! We went in and parked and went to an apartment on the second floor. A YSA aged guy named Isaac opened the door and as we talked with him, he told us that he was raised Catholic but switched to a nondenominational Christian church recently. His roommate is Mormon and has shared a lot about the Church with him (that's something I love about the members here! They're not afraid to share anything with their friends!). I recently heard that if someone has switched Christian faiths, they have a 60% chance of being baptized. Anyway, Isaac was excited to learn about the Book of Mormon and excited to have us come back to teach him more! We've met many more people like Isaac this past week!

Crazy story: Sister Gier and I lived on the same hall at BYU during summer term! We both looked familiar to each other before we were companions but now we've connected the dots!

We also had dinner with a returned missionary who served in my home ward a few years ago. This week has been crazy!

On Saturday, right before dinner, our car just would not turn on. The steering wheel was locked, the brake pedal wasn't depressing like it normally does, and the key in the ignition would not turn. Many of you know the solution to this, but we knew next to nothing about vehicles and we were pretty stumped. It's now past 5:00 and everyone we would normally call is in a dinner appointment or not at the office since it's the weekend. We prayed several times to figure out what was going on--either God needed us to talk with someone or He was protecting us from danger. I've seen it both ways. We got out of the car and talked with as many people as possible. No noticeable results. We met some members who came over and helped us and they turned it on with their first try! Weird. I have no idea why that happened!

Despite knowing what kind of challenges we might face, I am so excited to be here! I love the people and I love the missionaries in this zone. I hope you all start preparing for General Conference! It's right around the corner :)

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Bedont

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