Friday, December 23, 2016

Las Palmas & Warm Springs: October 27 - November 2

On Wednesday evening we had an appointment with a less-active guy named Gregg whom we had met with once before. We were supposed to have two adult men from the ward come with us so we could go inside and study the Book of Mormon with him, but one of the guys we invited didn't show up. We felt so bad for Gregg! He was sick all week so we had to cancel our meeting last week, and the week before that we weren't able to go in either. But everything happens for a reason! We got a call from someone named Lydi right before we got out of the car to see Gregg. She wanted us to bring some priesthood holders to her home that night to give her son a blessing to help him overcome some serious addictions that he has. Lydi met the elders in the area around 2 months ago and they gave her a blessing to help her overcome the same addiction, and she hasn't given in to it since then! This phone call from Lydi was a miracle in so many ways! We had been thinking since we got to this area that there was a mystery investigator named Cydi. At least, that's what it looked like from the notes that the missionaries left on a teaching record. It had never occurred to us that "Cydi" could actually mean "Lydi". I am so grateful that we are transitioning to electronic records now! Lydi wasn't the only one who fell through the cracks due to bad handwriting. So, since Lydi knew priesthood blessings have real power, she wanted us to give that same blessing to her son. Since we weren't able to have a lesson with Gregg, we were able to call some people to meet us at her home and give her a blessing! We set up a return appointment to read the Book of Mormon with her because apparently that's what the previous missionaries had been doing, but on the morning of the appointment she called us and said she read a lot of anti stuff online and wasn't ready to meet with us again. Anti literature is the worst! It's either completely false or when it's partly true, it's been twisted around. Lydi has so much potential though!

Our bishop told us about a potential investigator that we could teach! Her name is Charlie and she's dating a less-active member. We had a lesson with her and it was so perfect! She wants to feel the joy from the Gospel constantly in her life and she's going to be baptized! She came to church yesterday and everything went perfectly! She said every testimony shared and every class she went to was meant just for her!

Sister Uata and I were planning to go to a meeting with all the new missionaries and we found out that it was cancelled...once we got to the mission office and no one was there. Apparently our phone doesn't receive important texts notifying us about changes in our schedule, but we were able to see President Snow and he helped us get a glitch fixed on the area book planner app! He dropped everything to help us. I really appreciate that!

We met another awesome guy from India! Super nice, but the language barrier made things a bit difficult. We ordered a Bengali copy of the Book of Mormon for him and we'll deliver it as soon as it arrives! It is such a blessing to have the Book of Mormon translated into over 100 languages.

On Halloween we had a big mission party where each zone performed a skit for the worst member-present lesson ever and then we watched the Cokeville miracle! It's a great movie.

Update on Sabra and Lexi: they cancelled our appointment because Lexi had to work, but we should be in touch with them soon!

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