Friday, December 23, 2016

Inspirada & Madeira Canyon: December 15-28

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas! Sorry I missed last week! It's been crazy and this is going to be another really brief email. P-day was switched to Christmas day. I got sick on Christmas morning and Sister Sandoval did too just a few hours after we Skyped with our families, which is why I didn’t email then.. We spent most of Christmas and Saturday at our apartment, which was about all we could take in that tiny little place.

We saw TONS of miracles this week! Here's my favorite:

Last Saturday we had an appointment with someone named Trisha at 11:00. so we planned to be in the area at 10:00 so we would be closer and it would be easier to get there on time. We visited everyone we planned to see at 10:00 and had a few minutes of extra time before our 11:00 appointment, so we decided to walk over to Trisha's house. We got there and no one answered the door, so we left and we saw a car pull up into the neighbors' driveway. It's awkward for anyone to stand there and wait for someone to get out of the car, so we almost didn't do it, but we overcame that and waited for this person to get out of the car. Finally someone did and she's awesome! Her name is Tavin. She's a high schooler who used to go to LDS church with her friend every week when she was ten! She told her parents she wants to be Mormon. She's taking a theology class in high school and has learned about the restoration of the gospel. She feels like there's something missing from her life and she was REALLY excited to see us! She knows that God placed us in her path. She couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was that we were there just as she pulled up!

Anyway, we've had a wonderful time so far and I love Sister Sandoval so much! Sorry I can't write more!

Sister Bedont

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